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General Prices

Expert care for your pet in Derby

At Blagreaves Veterinary Centre, we offer various care packages in addition to general animal care services. Take a look at our price list for more information. 
Veterinary services we offer

Take a look at our price list

Consultation for dogs or cats - £21
Rabbit consultation - £18
Microchip - £10
Weight check - free of charge appointment
Routine flea and worm check - free of charge appointment

Clip nails
Small bunnies - £5 each
Dogs and cats - £9 each
a dog with its tongue out
cat at the veterinary centre

Our dental care packages for cats and dogs

Scale and polish
General anaesthetic
Pain relief and antibiotic injection on the day of the dental

Dog (any size) - £115
Cat (any size) - £100

Dental care for rabbits

General anaesthetic
Burring of teeth
Pain relief injection on the day of the dental if necessary

Rabbit (any size) - £55

*Please note that our rabbit dental price excludes extractions

Flea and worm treatment

We offer a variety of flea and worming products that work effectively, and we can assist you in choosing a treatment routine as individual as your pets life style. From youngsters to seniors, the team at Blagreaves Veterinary Centre is the vet for your furry friend. 
Please note:
These prices do not include any additional appointments, treatments or medication that may be necessary depending on the individual case
For advice on pet dental care, contact the friendly team at Blagreaves Veterinary Centre, Derby.
01332 776 681 
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